Historic Karamu Theater

Karamu House is listed on the Historic Register. One of the task was to prepare documentation to be submitted to the State Office of Historic Preservation Office for the proposed renovation areas describing the work to be performed which included the renovation of the existing Jelliffe Theatre – (200 seats), the 95 seat black box Arena Theatre and the adjoining ancillary spaces such as the Lobby, dressing rooms, toilet rooms, gift shop, scene shop and create a new “speakeasy” and exterior outdoor space.  All renovated spaces were to be ADA Accessible were possible. We were also tasked with providing an Environmental consultant to survey the existing facility for hazardous materials. The total project budget was $1.8 Million which would only cover the renovation of the Jelliffe Theatre. Therefore the remaining renovation projects were designed but would be phased.

RPMI has provided construction documents and renderings of the proposed phased renovations with construction costs for each phase for fundraising materials. The Owner is fundraising to complete the remaining renovation projects

Renovation 20, 322 square feet

Budget $2,100,000