Almira PK-8 Project

Jay Westbrook Council Member, Ward 16, Cleveland, Ohio

“Madison International was the guiding hand that led this every step of the way. While working with such diverse partners as the school district, community, and civic leaders, the Madison team achieved an extremely high degree of excellence in the building and worked within very constrained budgets…… I would enthusiastically recommend Madison International for leadership on any project.”

Cleveland Convention Center

Ryan Grommes, Senior Project Director Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.

“At the time of the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center Project, I served as Senior Project Director for MMPI and represented MMPI on all construction matters. Among other things, it was my role to review contract document progress, negotiate design team change orders, monitor construction progress, review and resolve claims, and participate in project closeout. In performing that role, I was well positioned to observe and evaluate the performance of RPMI. I can state without reservation that RPMI provided exemplary service as a member of the Design Build Team. The project required unusual cooperation and close collaboration among a multitude of design and construction management entities, and RPMI was always viewed as an outstanding contributor and team player….The words "professionalism," "integrity," and "quality" come to mind when I think of the service the RPMI team provided on the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center Project.”

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Jeffrey Strean, Director of Design and Architecture

“Robert Madison has long been a premier architect and RPMI was one of the architectural firms that assisted us for our renowned Cleveland Museum of Art building and reinstallation project. RPMI performed as a partner with Rafael Viñoly Architects PC in preparing the Relocation Master Plan Document. RPMI then directly assisted the museum by performing Exit Plan Documents for Phase 1 and Phase 2 which clarified how the museum would remain operational during construction. RPMI also prepared the contract documents for the relocation of the museum café to temporary space during our construction. Robert P. Madison and his staff were a pleasure to work with: they constantly sought our input, kept us apprised of every development as well as the project’s progress, and were incredibly attentive to detail……It is my extreme pleasure to recommend Robert P. Madison International, Inc.”

 Dayton Public Schools Fairview PK-8

Karen DeMasi, Director CityWide Development Corp.

“As Dayton Public Schools proceeded with their plans to develop a new PK-8 Fairview School we were delighted to learn that the firm they hired, Robert P. Madison International, Inc. shared our view that residents play a valuable role in the design process. CityWide staff met with Robert Klann and his team to talk about the broader goals of the Phoenix Project and the neighborhood challenges. We encouraged a collaborative process between the professional staff of R.P. Madison and the local leadership we assembled which included, not only our investors but residents, parents and teachers from the school, local churches and neighborhood association leadership. Through Mr. Klann's leadership a thoughtful, transparent process was put into play which balanced the interests of the OSFC, the local district, the neighborhood and the Phoenix Project investors. In all community development endeavors, managing expectations is extremely important; the staff of R.P. Madison readily understood that. In design sessions with the community, they quickly gained the respect of participants through their great listening skills and pragmatic approach to design…… Our experience working with Mr. Klann and his associates was extremely positive. Their patience with the process underway in the community and willingness to actively dialogue with all our partners resulted in a solid design that was fully embraced by the community.